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You Say It's Your Birthday...
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This community is created as a tribute to cindershadow, whose wonderful birthday-wishes/author profile posts encouraged many writers, led readers to great new fics, and expressed both her love of fandom as well as her generosity of spirit.

On the birthdays of fandom authors, artists, and/or contributors, make a post here that tells others about them, their fannish participation, and what of theirs (stories, vids, art, episode reviews, canon meta, beta-work, etc. etc.) we should go check out to honor their birthdays.

For more about cindershadow, her interests, and how this community will celebrate her love of fandom by offering opportunities for others to honor people in fandom, please read this post.

Please note: All applications to this community are now moderated. Any user/journal applying with 0 visible entries will be rejected immediately.