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Wed, Jan. 12th, 2011, 07:30 am
entrenous88: admin announcement

This community has been changed to moderated membership due to several spam/advertisement postings. It's been changed to that status for a while now; I just thought I should announce it for any people breezing through hoping to find a forum to tell us about a singles dating site (hint: this is not the community you are looking for).

All applications to this community are now moderated.

Any user/journal applying with 0 visible entries will be rejected immediately.

That said, if you truly wish to use this community for its original purpose, to make a post here that tells others about someone having a birthday in order to celebrate them through their contributions to fandom, with recommendations of what of their work or participation we should check out, you are welcome to apply and/or email me with details to give me a heads up that you will honor the community's spirit (rather than telling us where to get cheap cell phones).


Thu, Sep. 3rd, 2009, 08:23 pm
electricalgwen: Happy Birthday Cordelianne!

Two guys, a girl and a vampire walk into a bar.
It’s like the beginning of a joke that Xander hasn’t learned the punch line to yet.
As long as it doesn’t end with ‘and into their horrible gruesome death,’ though, he can hear it out.

Three years ago today, I explained why you should all go read and love cordelianne's fantastic Buffy ensemble story Chicken Dancing. Essentially, Cordelianne loves Buffy, and it shows. She handles the various characters, their foibles and flaws and delights, with skill and respect; the supporting cast in her stories tends to be as well-drawn and appealing as the chosen lead characters. For instance, her most recent Giles/Xander piece, Roman Holiday, is not just a sweet look at future Giles/Xander, but contains a delightful Buffy. "She pulls a cell out of the top of her dress – Giles doesn’t want to know where she’s keeping the stakes – and hits a speed dial." Meanwhile, Two Guys, a Girl and a Vampire contains not just our favorite Spike/Xander, but also some seriously awesome Andrew. Andrew and Xander geeking out over comics? Oh yeah. :)

Cordelianne and I met and bonded over Spike/Xander, and she continues to write them in new and interesting ways. I really enjoyed Better Days, set in the summer after Buffy's death. Also, not content with simply doing an awesome job of co-moderating spring_with_xan for the last two years, she and co-mod reremouse collaborated on a couple of truly wonderful multi-chapter stories, Xander Harris Versus Destiny and Good Guy, Bad Guy. The community has thrived over the past couple of years, despite the increasing distance from TV canon, and it's in huge part due to Cordelianne's energy and enthusiasm.

For those who prefer their slash f/f, fear not! Check out Life After Sunnydale, in which Dawn/Faith are wonderfully drawn (but we still get a glimpse of Cordelianne's wonderful Xander.)

Damn, Jim thinks, Sulu is a badass. A carnivorous-plant-cuddling badass.
Sulu looks at him funny. “Um, thanks?”

This year, Cordelianne has discovered the joy that is Star Trek - and shares it with the rest of us! Her humor and characterization bubble over in A Shocking Turn of Events, in which Sulu brings an unusual plant on board, with unexpected consequences. Humor and heat abound in Ship Shape, which contains Kirk/McCoy and inappropriate glowing. More hotness is available in The Best (Laid) Plans; alcohol, strip poker, Kirk and McCoy are a winning combination.

cordelianne has always been and continues to be a cheerful, giving, enthusiastic contributor to fandom, and I wish her a very happy day!

Wed, Aug. 1st, 2007, 04:35 pm
cordelianne: Happy Birthday Gwen!

Today is the birthday of the very talented writer, insightful commenter, fantastic contributor to fandom, champion of Spike/Xander, and awesome friend: electricalgwen. Currently she’s had some very wonderful developments in her personal life which has left her with less time and energy for writing, but fortunately she’s still working on fic and has a lot of excellent stories I’d love to direct your attention to.

I got to know Gwen when she was writing one of her first S/X fics, which is still a favourite of mine: Animal (S/X, NC-17). Okay, first this fic is HOT, scorching hot! And second, Gwen does a great twist on the “Xander’s possessed (again) by the hyena spirit” story and ensures that it works believably in canon.

Gwen is not only good at writing hot and in character fic, she also excels at exploring darker issues. Her longer story, Dies Irae (S/X, NC-17), does this so wonderfully. The fic is set during S7 and in it Xander is vamped, which Gwen handles with skill and thoughtfulness. I'm impressed by this story because I think it is totally what could have happened - it's a believable alternate reality.

An absolute favourite of mine is Hero (S/X, R). There's a great blend of fun, action, humour, sweetness and poignancy. This has some of the funniest S/X banter and is a fantastic concept.

But Gwen isn’t just good at writing S/X!! She’s also very talented with other pairings, especially characters you might not automatically think of as a pairing. An excellent example of her versatility is Fault Lines (Lilah/Dawn, R). Yes, you read that correctly, Lilah/Dawn! And she totally makes it work. It’s set post-Chosen and there’s so much intriguing set up in this because it’s intended to be the first part in a longer story. I’m hoping that rec’ing it will get people to read this fantastic story and it will inspire the next parts because I’d love to read more (I do think this stands on its own, for those who dislike WiPs).

Another great fic (written for the awesome community maleslashminis) is Fading (Gunn/Oz, PG-13). Gwen has an excellent handle on both these characters. There’s a lovely quietness to this fic (set post NFA) as well as a slashy subtext.

It thought I’d end with a fun one – a poem in fact! – that always puts a smile on my face: The Multiple Pairings of Xander Harris (Mature). Not only is this a fantastic idea (Gwen has a stanza for each letter of the alphabet and the letter stands for one of the multiple pairings of Xander Harris), she executes it brilliantly! She hits all the great canon and fanon pairings (and includes some I hadn't thought of before!).

Of course, these are just a sampling of Gwen’s fic and I encourage you to browse through her memories here or her fic tag here. Also, her comments on other people’s fic are perceptive and frequently point out subtleties that I’ve missed (so if you see her comments on fic, it’s always worthwhile to read them!). I wish you a very happy birthday, Gwen!!

Mon, May. 7th, 2007, 10:07 am
wesleysgirl: Jane Davitt!

janedavitt is a wonderful friend -- she keeps careful track of the birthdays of everyone on her flist and does a fantastic job of wishing them all a happy day. She's loyal, standing up for her friends when they find themselves in a tight spot (and I don't mean that in the dirty/porny way!) She's also funny, open, kind, and one of the most prolific, talented writers I've ever had the privilege to know. She has great insight into the characters she writes and an instinctive understanding for the dynamics in relationships.

Jane's written stories in a large number of fandoms, including Jossverse, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Supernatural, and The Sentinel. She also writes original fiction AND makes vids. She favors slash but writes het and gen as well. Jane's website is here.

My favorites from amongst Jane's stories:

Behind Closed Doors (Giles/Spike, NC-17 AU)
Damage Control (Giles/Xander, R)
Act of Nature (Giles/Xander)
Saturation and Pervasion (Giles/Spike/Xander, NC-17)
(I'm biased about these two because I co-wrote them. Sue me.)
Jane's other Jossverse fic is here

The Sentinel
Fair Play (Jim/Blair, NC-17)
Jungle Fever (Jim/Blair, NC-17)
Jane's other Sentinel fic is here

Seen It, Done It (Dean/Sam, R)
Jane's other Supernatural fic is here

Original fic
Forward Thinking (NC-17)
Jane's other original fic is here

Published fic
Drawing Closer
Broomsticks and Stones
Laying a Ghost and Giving Up the Ghost

Happy Birthday, Jane!

Sun, Feb. 25th, 2007, 09:15 am
laisserais: happy birthday apreludetoanend!

Happy Birthday apreludetoanend!!!

apreludetoanend is an amazing storyteller and a really sweet person. She's new to the fandom, like me, but unlike me, far more prolific. And what's more, she masters every creative form that takes her fancy.

I first got to know her through her S/X fic, which is her OTP, and if you haven't read her spander stories, you're truly missing out. Sabbatical was the first story I read by her, and I knew by the end of it that she has an amazing gift. It's truly a beautiful, moving, wonderful piece.

Her drabbles are each one a little masterpiece of mood and tone. One of my favorites is This Time of Year, a collected set of 12 drabbles that span a year in the life of Spike and Xander.

She delved into the world of NC-17 with In So Deep, and it's rare to laugh so hard while reading something this hot. I'm pretty sure apreludetoanend must know Xander in real life, and they get together for long chats about what really went down in that basement. This fic is amazing.

When she decided that she wanted to try human AU, she created Oh Very Young, which simultaneously satisfies my naughty cousins!kink and proves that Spike and Xander are destined to get together regardless of the 'verse.

Recently, apreludetoanend has gotten interested in Giles/Spike and Giles/Xander. It is a testament to how great a writer she is that I followed her into that world, lol. She completely sold me on a pairing just through the brilliance of her writing. Rain is a short fic about Giles/Spike, and it is gorgeous. She has so much compassion for the characters, and she never forgets the emotional motivations of the characters that flow out from canon. She has the knack of bending those motivations just slightly, and opening up whole new worlds of possibility.

Unwrapped is her Giles/Xander story, and it still makes my heart sore. It is so beautiful, and so… logical in the way it builds that I can't believe I never saw the UST between these two before. Her Giles is so complex and thoughtful. He's a man who has lived and seen a lot. She has opened my eyes to the possibilities of him being slashable.

It is just these complexities that come to bear in her latest series: Watching, which is G/S/X. It takes place post-Chosen, and the way she's revealing the past entanglements of each character with the others is gorgeous. I'll never do it justice, lol, so I'll just say: check it out.

In addition to being an amazing writer, though, apreludetoanend makes graphics that are truly stunning. Both in her own journal and at slightlyiconic. She is incredibly generous with her time, making personalized icons, and Award Winning Graphics.

Finally, apreludetoanend is a tireless champion of good fic, keeping us all up to date on which awards sites are accepting nominations. She's the biggest sweetheart in the world for taking the considerable time and energy needed to nominate fics that she loves, and encouraging us all to do the same.

So, to close, I'd just like to say, Happy Birthday! I'm glad that apreludetoanend is a part of fandom, and that I've gotten a chance to know her over the past few months. She's a genius at everything she does, and it's always a treat to see what will strike her fancy next!

apreludetoanend, I hope your day is full of everything good, and thank you for sharing your good stuff with us!

Sat, Feb. 3rd, 2007, 08:47 am
chrisleeoctaves: Happy birthday...


A B/A shipper in love with a C/A shipper...it's kinda poetic, don't you think? But it was starlet2367 who yanked me out of my cozy little B/A corner and showed me the fabulous potential of C/A and she did it without peeing all over B/A.

I started with Safe as Houses.


He straightened his shoulders and turned. "I'm sorry," he said again. He could still smell her, fragrant and hot as the jungle floor. God. He scrubbed his hands over his face.

He didn’t want to know this about her. Didn’t want to know how she smelled, how she looked—

She put her hand on his arm. "Thanks," she said.

"For what?" Add confusion to the list of emotions churning through him.

"For taking care of me." She looked back at the club, realizing she'd lost her first chance to get laid in more than a year. She should be pissed. Instead she felt cherished, protected.

If I am trying to get my B/A friends to read C/A...it's Kel I point to.
Read Heat Stroke, I say.
Heat Stroke has everything I look for in fanfic: characters I recognize, a plot the zips along, dialogue that might have been ripped from the shows, comedy and angst in equal measure...and hot sex. I often reread Heat Stroke and it *never* fails to move me.

She pressed her fingers to her eyes and took a deep breath. "Get over it," she whispered. "Spank your inner moppet, Cordelia."

Another deep breath and then she opened the door and found Angel leaning against the wall, watching her. She could reach out and touch him, and part of her, the part that was his friend and needed his comfort, almost did.

But the afternoon stopped her. The dream. The sex. The incredible sex--

"You were right," he said quietly. "The curse doesn't work here."

Silence hummed in a long, tight line. "Either that, or I didn't give you a happy." Angel loved Buffy. He was in L.A. because he couldn't be with her. And if Cordy got lucky-on two counts-because Angel's heart was taken, well, then, cool. Right?

His eyes laser beamed her. "I don't think I know what happy is any more," he said. Then he walked out of the trailer and shut the door behind him.

Kel *never* disses Buffy or negates Angel's feelings for her. Her Cordelia is note-perfect and her Angel is divine. She twists a plot like nobody's business and writes the hawt sex.

Kel's fic can be found at Sanguis.

Happy Birthday, Kel.

Thu, Nov. 16th, 2006, 08:59 pm
jebbypal: Happy early birthday to Poisontaster

poisontaster's bday isn't until next month, but I'm about to become VERY busy and don't want to fail to give her something. I hope you have a wonderful day, love.

As the person who succeeded in tempting poisontaster's muse to write fanfic, I feel it's my duty and pleasure to provide everyone with recs to her outstanding works on her birthday.

I should state the caveat that I'll only be listing recs of fandoms that poisontaster writes that I'm familiar with. But based on her talent, you shouldn't hesitate to read any fanfic in any fandom by her. (one's I'm specifically not doing because I'm not in the fandoms include Harry Potter, Alias, and Prison Break - and many many more. There's a reason I call poisontaster the Oscillating Fan).

All of poisontaster's works can be found here, though her memories do have them broken down in other categories as well. In addition to her talent with words, I really do envy her organizational skills.
Firefly, Lost, BSG, Invisible Man, Farscape, The Inside, and Supernatural are only a few of Poisontaster's fandomsCollapse )
And with that, I'll conclude. My friendship with poisontaster has enriched every fandom that we share and introduced me to some new ones. I've enjoyed being her Kevin Bacon even as I savor every single letter of her prose. I try to not feel too guilty for how badly I've sidetracked her original fiction efforts.

Wed, Nov. 8th, 2006, 11:38 pm
anidada: Happy Birthday, rayne_y_daze!

(Crossposted to my LJ.) Let's celebrate! *throws confetti*Collapse )

Fri, Oct. 13th, 2006, 01:57 am
mireille719: Happy birthday to soft_princess!

I'm actually awful at making recs, so I rarely do it publicly. On the other hand, if you don't know Sofy yet, you really, really ought to. (Especially if you'll be going to WriterCon 2008, because otherwise, you will miss the best hugs in all of fandom.)

Most people know Sofy because she is Buffy fandom's most tireless supporter of the Giles/Xander pairing and everyone who writes it. She runs No One Knows, the Giles/Xander zone of the BtVS Writer's Guild, and is constantly coming up with ideas to encourage more people to write the pairing, and to write it well. She's also the maintainer of gilesxander here on LJ, and runs The Island, the Slashaholics list archive (and so much more).

Those contributions alone would be enough to make her an asset to the fandom, but after a period of time when she wasn't posting fic, she's also begun writing and posting again. Because of that, I'm just reccing some of the more recent things she's written in the BtVS fandom, although I know she has a novel-length Smallville story in the works as well. *g*

Les Amours Défendus (Giles/Xander, FRAO) is, in her own words, "dirty!bad!wrong." And indeed, it is (and as it features both an underage character and daddy!kink, it isn't to everyone's tastes), but it's also blisteringly hot, and still filled with the essential sweetness that I think of when I think of Sofy's fic.

In sharp contrast is Dreamland (the link goes to the tag page), which is an ongoing AU series of ficlets (Giles/Wesley/Xander, ranging from FRC to FRAO). It's an all-human AU in which everyone is still him or herself (and everyone's there, eventually *g*) despite their changed circumstances. Again, it's very sweet--Sofy's fic isn't dark at all, but it's charming and often heartwarming without being too syrupy-sweet.

And one more: Every Day (Spike/Wesley/Xander, FRM), which shows more of her range, and how well she turned something that could have been PWP into a story with some very nice character insights, as well.

Happy birthday, Sofy. :)

Sat, Sep. 16th, 2006, 07:16 pm
lostakasha: B/A for the lovely marenfic

Lookie here! It's a birthday prezzie!

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